1. Training on Coffee Orchard Management to Extension Service Provider         2017-11-02
  2. 28th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held         2017-10-16
  3. KISAN II Project Launched         2017-09-13
  4. Practical Lessons: From ADC scholar to a lifetime of service to Nepal         2017-09-13
  5. CEAPRED greets Governors from the Kingdom of Bhutan and faculty members of Rural Development Training Centre         2017-05-05
  6. German Minister visits CEAPRED’s project site in Kavre         2017-04-26
  7. Experience Sharing workshop on Nepal Market Development Program-Pig Sub Sector         2017-01-02
  8. First Advisory Committee Meeting under HICAP/CSV and HIMALICA held         2017-01-02
  9. Social Welfare Council (SWC) monitored the CEAPRED-SAMARTH-Pig Sector Project Activities         2017-01-02
  10. 27th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held         2017-01-02
  11. Rural Farmers Becoming Smart         2017-01-02
  12. CEAPRED awarded for Climate Resilient Mountain Village Initiatives         2016-12-20
  13. Program Sharing Meeting Held         2016-07-14
  14. NPC Vice Chairperson visited Climate Smart Village in Kavre         2016-04-27
  15. Pakistan's minister of state visits Climate Smart Village in Kavre (CSV)         2016-04-27
  16. US Ambassador's Field Visit at KISAN Surkhet         2016-03-18
  17. HIMALICA District Coordination Committee meeting held         2016-03-18
  18. CEAPRED's Participation at the 9th National Organic Agriculture Fair, 2016         2016-02-22
  19. Closing Workshop of UNNATI held         2015-12-23
  20. UNNATI Project Staff Felicitated         2015-12-13
  21. Interaction workshop on Using ICTs to enhance adoption of Agricultural Technologies and Innovations         2015-11-26
  22. Agreement Signed with University of Sydney         2015-11-26
  23. 26th Annual General Meeting of CEAPRED held         2015-10-15
  24. CEAPRED Participated in the Regional Meeting on Conservation, Use and Exchange of Crop Genetic Resources: Promoting Regional Cooperation for Food-Secure, Climate Resilient South Asia         2015-09-10
  25. CEAPRED Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NARC         2015-09-10
  26. HIMALICA Project Launched         2015-09-04
  27. Emergency Response to the Nepal Earthquake 2015 in the poorest wards of Baluwa VDC, Kavre         2015-09-04
  28. Fresh Semen Collection for AI Initiated         2015-09-04
  29. CEAPRED's support to earthquake victims         2015-05-07
  30. Exposure Visit of Government Partners to Climate Smart Villages in India         2015-05-06
  31. CEAPRED presented a theme paper in an International Conference in Pakistan         2015-04-20
  32. CEAPRED participated in the SATNET Network Meeting and Policy Dialogue         2015-04-20
  33. Exposure visit to India for CSV farmers         2015-04-13
  34. Agri-information to farmers through SMS         2015-04-01
  35. Closing Workshop of VSP-III held         2015-03-22
  36. The Second Meeting of Central Level Program Advisory Committee of UNNATI Project Held         2015-03-22
  37. National Stakeholder Workshop on Seed Vision Implementation, Challenges and Solution held         2014-08-24
  38. Joint field visit of government officials and VSP technical sub-committee members organized         2014-08-24
  39. Horticulture Innovation Lab Project         2014-09-17